Company profile

AUTOCOMP MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o. is an international manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced systems supporting training for the national defense sector and uniformed services as well as for rail, road and water transport. Autocomp is also the producer of dedicated specialized projects in industrial automation and naval equipment.

As we have got our own R&D department, many of the proprietary solutions have been developed, patented and implemented here including our own products. The scope and scale of conducted works allowed us to obtain the Research and Development Centre status.

In addition Autocomp Management has carried out projects under the program  ‘Innovative Economy’ and  since 2008 we have been creating new products and services for civil and military use.

Strategic academic partners of the company are as follows: Polish Military Institute of Armament Technology , the West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin, the Polish Naval Academy of Gdynia, the Maritime University of Szczecin and the Navy Training Centre in Ustka.

The key business lines of Autocomp are:

  • simulation and training systems for military and civilian market
  • Automation and control projects
  • Wireless control systems with feedback,

Solutions offered by Autocomp Management are open systems that can be delivered as standalone modules, subsystems for third-party training platforms as well as allowing the addition of third-party training simulator modules.

The largest foreign partner of Autocomp is the German Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) company, for which we provide tank simulators Leopard 2A4/2A5( also used by the Polish armed forces) and a whole group of vehicles based on the Leopard chassis.

Other important international partners of Autocomp are the Israeli company Elbit and RUAG of Switzerland.

Some significant projects implemented by the company include:

  • ŚNIEŻNIK – military combat training support system for the armed and civilian forces used in 21 units of the Polish Army
  • POJEDYNEK – civilian small arms shooting training system designed for schools with uniform profiles and military preparation units 
  • WSB04 – wireless firing range control system with target feedback - implemented at the training grounds of the Polish Army
  • PPZR Grom / Piorun - training simulator for operators of man-portable air defense system PPZR Grom / PIORUN
  • SMART RVM - devices for selective collection, compacting and segregation of disposable beverage packaging (PET bottles, caps and ALU cans)
  • DP – dynamic positioning system for naval units, latest implementations on ORP Kormoran class (Polish Navy)
  • Train driver simulators – from low-fi and generic trainers (DB – Germany, CD -Czech Republic) to high fidelity FMS of rail vehicles 36WE, SA-136, ET22 and SM42 (Polish railway companies), SMD70 (SA Rail)

In 2007, the Company received a license to conduct business  in the sphere of manufacturing and trade in explosives, weapons, ammunition as well as products and technologies used by the Armed Forces and the Police, which was extended in 2011.

Since 2019  Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o. has been entered on the list of entrepreneurs of special economic and defense importance. Therefore from April 2020,  the Minister of Development has assigned a number of tasks for the company, related to the defense of our country.