Mobile Drive Simulator for trucks and buses

The advanced driving simulator is designed for training and improving of the driving skills for truck and bus drivers. It features modern construction and high training efficiency while at the same time fulfilling all requirements for the devices for driving simulation in all conditions. It makes possible, among others things, driving in the staged conditions of high risk. In this way a driver acquires skills necessary to get by in difficult situations.

The simulator is of module construction, making it possible to offer a wide range of devices with various technical parameters and prices, always guaranteeing the highest training quality. It can also be offered with fully functional truck cab (MAN TGS) or bus cab. Also available are versions for vans, emergency vehicles, and the police and fire brigades. The cab is equipped with an on-screen displaying system (displaying situations on the road directly on the windscreen). As a standard, the cab is situated on the mobile platform (MOOG type) with 6 degrees of freedom; however, the configuration with the stationary cab (without the platform) is also possible.

Among other key modules of the simulator is the instructor post, the second driver post and server block. All this is placed in the air conditioned trailer with a separated lecture room. Optionally, the trailer can be equipped with a power generator.

The simulator meets the requirements provided in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 8 April 2011 on the device for driving simulation in special conditions (Journal of Laws No 81, item 444).


msj main


 Instructor post


 Trainee post


Instructor post:

  • One-man control of the course of the exercise
  • Extended and user friendly editor of exercises
  • High flexibility in configuring the exercise scenarios
  • Comfortable reporting of the completed exercises
  • Full control of safety during exercises
  • Continuous monitoring of the trainee and the operation of main systems of the simulator
  • Continuous communication with the post of the trainee

Trainee post:

  • Fully functional cab of the simulated vehicle
  • Actual representation of real driving conditions
  • Unlimited possibility for repeating selected parts of routes and road situations
  • Possibility of choosing the vehicle configuration for the exercise
  • Continuous communication with the post of the instructor


Main types of trainings

  • Training in procedures (use of vehicle control elements, etc.)
  • Driving in various weather conditions and visibility
  • Driving on various types of roads (highways, national and local roads, mountain roads)
  • Driving in various volumes of traffic and taking into account other drivers' styles and driving habits
  • Night driving
  • Driving with various load conditions
  • Economic driving
  • Identification of emergency situation
  • Recovering driving skills after long periods of inactivity
  • Rehearsal of behavior in dangerous situations


Example visualisation screenshots:


Technical details

Dimensions (L. x W. x H):  

ready to work - 13,6m x 5,0m x 4,0m
shipping - 13,6m x 2,6m x 4,0m



13,9t (without tractor unit)

Operational conditions:  

temp. -30 to +35  C,
humidity 20 - 80% (without condensation)

Electrical connection:


Voltage supply 3x400VAC, 50/60Hz
Fuse 25A-gL

applications and support

This brochure describes the basic configuration of the simulator. Depending on the customer’s requirements, there are possible extended configurations with additional training posts, external devices or software functions.