The comprehensive simulation system for KTO ROSOMAK, type JASKIER - is designed for training KTO Rosomak drivers. The simulators for KTO ROSOMAK, type JASKIER can be combined making up, depending on the needs the platoon structure or a company structure. Moreover, every simulator of JASKIER type can be connected with the training system for small arms of ŚNIEŻNIK type.

Jaskier is a comprehensive simulation system that allows training Simulator can be prepared in two variants - basic with the cabin on wheels, and 6DOF where the simulator cab is mounted on the motion platform which simulates the vehicle movements during driving in various land conditions.

Jaskier - basic

Basic version of Jaskier is produced with cabin on wheels:

Jaskier simulator, depending on version contains:

- Simulator cabin

- Simulator's interior contains:

  • driver’s desktop including the indicators and control devices
  • maneuvering reverse camera panel and the display LCD 6.5”
  • GPS navigation panel with the display LCD 6.5” and the control panel
  • control panel for the heating system, air conditioning and ventilation
  • panel with pushbuttons for power supply switch
  • driver’s seat unit (complete seat with electric actuator for control of seat position, brake pedal, gas pedal with the device for reading their positions)
  • complete steering column with parking brake
  • gear stick
  • torque control unit for simulation of driving in difficult land conditions (SENSO-Wheel)
  • basic set for external communication
  • observation camera for the instructor
  • interior lighting
  • speaker set with subwoofer
  • air exchange system
  • firefighting system panel (dummy)
  • emergency stop pushbutton

- Simulator's exterior equipment contains:

  • hatch unit (complete hatch with opening and locking mechanisms in given position, windshield, limit switches for hatch position signaling and periscope for the driver)
  • external armour
  • front lamp (dummy)
  • system of three monitors LCD 46” displaying the simulated land conditions or the screen situated 2.5 m from the driver’s eyes
  • entrance door for the trained person
  • masking mats
  • computer station with four monitors LCD 22” for the instructor
  • the rack including 4 control computers
  • transport wheels (in the case the mobile platform is missing)

- Additional specialized equipment and modifications on customers request 

- Motion simulation platform, works with 6 degree of freedom (version 6DOF)


 Example visualisation screens from simulator:


Jaskier - 6DOF

Jaskier in 6DOF version has been prepared for use in the process of training the mechanician-drivers and improving their skills of driving in difficult and dangerous conditions and it is to enable the realization of exercises to the extent of:

  • construction and functioning of mechanism in the mechanic-driver compartment
  • motor start up in various conditions
  • starting and stopping in flat land and on a slope
  • driving along the determined route of average rate of difficulty
  • driving in various land conditions
  • driving in various weather and lighting conditions
  • overcoming the land obstacles (crossing water obstacles, limited passages, bridges, tank traps)
  • developing at the driver the habit of observation of motor parameters and the power transmission system
  • driving in close formation
  • driving on the battlefield including also during conducting the effective fire
  • behavior in dangerous situations on the roads and battlefield

Jaskier in 6DOF version:

Technical details

Technical data



Number of pre-programmed exercises:




3034 mm

3034 mm


2786 mm

2786 mm


2085 mm

2498 mm


ok 1200kg

ok 2030kg


Operating conditions



Operational temperature

+18°C ÷ +35°C

+18°C ÷ +30°C

Storage temperature

+5°C ÷ +50°C

+5°C ÷ +50°C

Relative humidity

10% ÷ 80% / 10% ÷ 95%

20% ÷ 80% / 10% ÷ 90%

Power supply

230V, 50Hz

3x 380 - 480 V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption (peak/nominal)

~ 800W

17 kW / 4 kW

Develompent & support

Depending on the customer’s requirements there are possible extended configurations with additional training posts, external devices or software functions.