OPA Simulator

OPA Simulator - defence against fire and water aboard the ship - it's a modern device that allows ship's crew learn how to deal with water and fire aboard the ship, and how to minimalise threats caused by fire and water. This device is based on typical NATO standards, aimining to extinguish fire and control all leaks.


This simulator is based on solutions that are present in the Navy and Nato Warships.

Simulator is a number of single stands with installed software that allows to run trainings in groups unter instructors control. Thanks to it's modular structure, on his basis is possible to configure as many trainee's stands as it's needed.

Instructor stand allows to control simulator's work and monitor learning process. Thanks to application installed, instructor can prepare enviroment conditions where exercise willl took place, and can assign tasks to specific trainees posts. Instructor can create any number of OPA teams, and assign tasks each of them separately. Teams can cooperate by being in the same virtual location, or can be divided between independent objects and then process different tasks. With possibility to create new virtual scenarios, instructor can define accesibility of diffrent devices and OPA tools in scenario. In that way instructor can create scenarios with different level of difficulty. Also there is a possibility to change conditions durring exercise and preview current tactical situation on map.

OPA Simulator on lecturer stand is equipped with documents, presentations that contains data regarding safety and defence against fire and water on ship. Those data allows run presentations. Thanks to installed software, lecturer can also create new content. All training presentations are displayed on the multimedia board.

Simulation lab

sala wykladowa

Commander stand

commander 3

Commander stand features:

  • distinguished stand with same functionality as trainees stand
  • image is displayed on the big size with shape of a part of cylinder
  • built in messenger allows to send messages to other stands

Trainee stand features:

  • realistic 3D graphics that presents virtual 3D scene from trainees point of view
  • object plan with marked threats and other trainees
  • usage by keyboard and mouse
  • unlimited stands in single application


OPA Simulator allows to process preparation procedures to fix hull failure and devices, in terms of:

  • secure tools and equipment suitable to fight against water and fire
  • developing water inflow and fire detection metodes
  • preparation of countermeasures against water and fires
  • training the crew in the fight against water and fire

Subvision system allows to display surrent tactical situation on the ship. Maintenance of the rescue mission is carried out from the commander stand Control of the simulator and monitoring of the training proces is being carried out from the instructor stand. That allows to change training parameters, preview of the sip's current tactical situation. From the instructor stand is also possible to change training conditions on the ship.


Simulator module: fight against water on the ship - subjects:

  1. Damages detection: automated (by indicators) or practical (based on strict adherence to the rules and procedures).
  2. Counteraction by faliures caused by taking water into hull, and damages caused by enemy actions.
  3. Types of damages to the ship's hull and their reasons (durring peace and military actions).
  4. Character and appearance oth the damages (piercings, indentations, convexities, corrugations, dissection of hull plating seams).
  5. Types of tools to fight against water used in RP and NATO Navy.
  6. Principals of using the tools to fight against water (methodes, safety conditions, requirements for seals).


Simulator module: fight against fire on the ship - subjects:


Fire threats, causes of fire, fire prevention on ships:

    • teoria pożaru,
    • fire theory,
    • fire threat on the ships,
    • fire causes and fire prevention on the ship
    • fire-hazardous cargoes
    • selected themas from fire physics and fire chemistry


Wall plate:

Sources, installations and tools for firefighting on the ship::

    • extinguishing sources
    • fire-extinguishing and alarm signaling installations
    • firefighting equipment,
    • technical usage and use of firefighting equipment, detection and alarm systems,
    • technical usage and use of fixed fire extinguishing systems,
    • limitations of fire spread on the ship (construction of the ship).


Preparation of crew to firefighting on the ship:

    • structure of the fire protection on the ship,
    • fire fighting tactics on the ship,
    • cooperation with fire brigade - principles.

Water breakdown on the ship

awaria wody

Fire extinguishing

gaszenie pozaru

Development & support

Depending on the needs, configurations with additional stations, external equipment and software functionalities are available. Within the executed projects, the company provides the option of expert care in the form of training, servicing and development support.